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Vital Life Lessons.

There are some things I know now that I wish they had been taught at school. These are timeless life lessons which should come as natural as knowing that we need to bathe every day. To gives us truth and make living easy.

Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you. Life is made worthwhile by spending time with people you love. When it comes to relationships do not waste your time with someone you cannot fall in love with.

Learn from your mistakes. Learn from other people’s mistakes. Always be open for learning.

Do not waste time complaining if you do not like a situation, do something about it otherwise keep quiet about it.

Give solely for the sheer joy of giving and take delight in the mere fact that you can give.

Having money is not the most important thing in life, knowing the value of human emotions is.

Enjoy the small things in life because they happen every day. Choose happiness. Make time for laughter.

Dying is not what people are afraid of, being forgotten is. So, live to leave a legacy. 

Find time to inspire others. You can enrich other people’s lives in the smallest way through your thoughts, words, and actions, in return you will enrich your own life.  

Replace negativity with enriching thoughts. Positive attitude is everything. With the right attitude you can overcome life’s obstacles rather than retreating from them.

Let gratitude be your fuel for life. Appreciate and focus on what you have in your life rather than what is lacking. Being grateful is important because you want to keep what the Lord have done for you on top of your mind.

Practice forgiveness. Start with yourself. Forgive others. Forgiveness does not mean you forget completely; it simply means you allow yourself to heal and move forward. Life is too short to hold on to past hurts.

Thank you for reading.

AmaSerwaa x

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