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Faith, Hope And Zeal.

When opportunities turn into successful achievements, our faith increase, we become more hopeful and zealous for life.

In times of sufferings and hardship if we are resilient, we can deal with the problems of life well and not be overwhelmed, we will then find that sufferings and hardships can also increase our faith, gives us hope and zeal for life.

We can have faith, hope and be zealous in every experience. Indeed, many of life experiences are out of our control but there is always a flip side, like a raining season can make us appreciate the summer season more as can a heatwave make us appreciate the raining season.

Every person we meet and every situation we encounter has a purpose, either to challenge or empower us, for the betterment of our lives.

When our expectations are completely in line with reality we will thrive and be in the state of gratitude and in appreciation.

We need faith, hope and zeal for the ups and downs of life. When we change our perceptions and everything changes.

Truly a beautiful gift, is life.

Thank you for reading.

AmaSerwaa x

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