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I believe we are all searching for joyfulness.

We want joyfulness within ourselves. We want joyfulness in our surroundings. It is a natural direction to desire such fulfilment because it is only in state of joyfulness, we can feel complete.

We seek joyfulness in marriage, parenthood, career, education, wealth etc, these are all good and can be wonderful, but they are not always the source of joyfulness.

We compromise our joy when we live life trying to impress other.

When we want our peers to think we are flawless.

When we are afraid to be vulnerable.

When we feel our imperfections must be hidden.

When for fear of failing we push ourselves to the limit.

When for fear of rejection a great many of us do not even venture out.

When we are afraid to become the person we would love.

When we  lack the courage to live the life we genuinely want.

When we overlook our own accomplishments and wonder if we will ever be as successful as our peers.

When we lift others up and support their dreams, but we do not the same for ourselves.

The truth is there is no such thing as a perfect life, nobody has it completely easy. We control what we can, and the things we cannot control we let it be.

Joyfulness comes from within one-self. It is about paying attention to the small still voice within. There lies within a great source of power.  The power to be ourselves. Being ourselves enhances personal growth.

Our first calling is to be comfortable in our own skin, to embrace who we are and to become who we are meant to be.  If we trust our own instincts, we do not have to live up to the world’s ideals, and that is joyfulness right there!.

Thank you for reading.

AmaSerwaa x

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