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Life Building Blocks

I recently came across an old picture of me taken when I was aged 20 years old. I can remember the day the picture was taken like it was yesterday. It brought back many memories and feelings too, aaaaahhh, I reminisced.

The picture also got me thinking about the dreams and aspirations I had at that time in my life. I realised all the things I have not managed to achieve. I must admit I felt some sadness.

I am grateful I can honestly say my life is good right now. I have been blessed enough to travel a bit, met some incredible people. I’m not necessary working in my dream job currently, but still I can not complain. However, some of memories the picture brought made me feel like I had failed to attain the necessary building blocks for the kind of life I had dreamt of at age 20.
I wondered, knowing what I know now for sure, what advice would I have given my 20 years old self?”.

Courage is the only antidote for your fears.

You don’t have to be the most smartest, the most knowledgeable or the most skilful person to achieve your dreams. The most important attribute you must muster is courage. The courage to act and to keep pushing towards your dreams and aspirations. The courage to accept who you are and be yourself.

Self-love is the mother of a successful life.

Be mindful of your core beliefs because it will determine every aspect of your life; your relationships, your health, your lifestyle, even your income. In other word the picture you hold of yourself in the theatre of your mind is what you will eventually project. So, make it a daily ritual to think good things about yourself and see yourself in a positive light. What other people think about you matters not unless it matches how you see yourself.

Life challenges are inevitable.

Welcome every challenge for the important lessons it brings. If you’re not making mistakes it probably means you are mediocre and you have given too much room for the concept of failure. Let me break down failure for you – it’s God’s way of telling you, “you’re not challenging yourself enough – I expect more of you – try different ways“  Every failing, every mistake, every challenge has a lesson so don’t pray against it. Stay in the mode for learning.

Make your life count.

Don’t just let life happen to you day in and day out, year after year. Don’t live your life just for your “enemies” to see you’re doing good. Be authentic and be yourself. Your so-call enemies are destroying their own lives by paying too much attention to yours. Don’t give a moment of your time to people who don’t like you, if everyone likes you then you must be neglecting your own needs. Take inventory of what you give space to – there are not enough hours in the day to waste on unimportant matters.

Every and each day have a lesson to teach you. 

We become unhappy because many a time we’re on auto-pilot doing the same things day in and day out as such we miss the lesson(s) for the day.

Today holds a miracle for you – if you look for it you will see it.

Thank you for reading.

AmaSerwaa x

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