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A new week, like a new day, brings a new chapter in our life, we are given the power, and a chance to start fresh without the burdens of last week or yesterday to weigh us down.

God’s word encourages that we focus not on the things that can be seen but rather on the things that cannot be seen because the things that can be seen do not last, but the things that cannot be seen are eternal.

This week, today, I encourage you to renew your mind by mediating on whatever is good, whatever perfect and whatever is true.

Mediate on healing rather than sickness, mediate on abundance rather than lack.

When you focus on whatever is good, true and perfect you create space for all the new and wonderful things that are waiting for you, and you let go of the unpleasant memories and negative belief patterns that prevents you from experiencing happier and more fulfilling life experiences a single day or a week can bring.

When you pay attention to the thoughts that add value to your life, it does not mean you are living in denial, but rather you are allowing your mind to think on your truth, which is God’s good intentions for your life.

The steadfast love of God never ceases, His mercy never ends, they are new every morning, and His faithfulness towards us is as certain as the arrival of a new day and a new week.

This week focus on abundance and blessings, for this is God’s good intentions for every one of us.

Good morning and God bless your day!


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