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Make Today Count!

A woman with a terminal illness was told she only had six months to live. She was not ready to die so she went around the world in search of a cure, she found none.

She decided to accept her fate and returned home.

Every day she wept bitterly as she counted the days.

One day she went for a walk to see the world she will be leaving behind. She felt very sad.

A wise woman passing by noticed how discontented the woman looked, she approached her and asked what the matter was. The woman poured her heart out.

The wise woman gently took the woman’s hand, looked into her face and said, “My dear, one dying day awaits every one of us, but until that day comes, we’re given days to live. You had six months to live but instead of living each day to its fullest you are dying every day. Live, my dear, and live well, because really it is not how long you live that matters the most, it is how you live”.

The moral of this story – Live a full life and die empty!

One day at a time – Trust the process – God is faithful.

AmaSerwaa X

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