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Encourage Yourself.

Many of life’s challenges may discourage you because some of these challenges are just out of your control; but the truth is the most painful challenges can teach you how to find your strength to make things work out for you. Your painful challenges then become your wisdom.

The power to withstand every painful experience is within you. So, although some challenges may be out of your control the power to deal with every situation is within you.

If life does not give you uncomfortable situations you may become complacent and mediocre, allowing your gifts and abilities to lie dormant.  

You are much stronger than your struggles and fiercer than the fears and doubts holding you back.  You cannot allow anything to stand in your path nor give attention to naysayers.

Every morning, rekindle your faith with the truth that will set you free and that truth is, God provides comfort and give strength to those who trust in Him. Trust in God’s everlasting grace and never-ending love.

You have one job, and that job is to encourage yourself to keep believing and knowing that everything’s working together for your good.

                                                 You are never alone!

Good Morning!

AmaSerwaa x

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