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Integrity – Not To Be Compromised

I recently got acquainted with a man who appeared very thoughtful, kind, noble and quite experienced in many aspects of life. It tickled my fancy to say the least. 

Just a couple of weeks into the ‘friendship’ he tried to con money of me. I didn’t see his conniving ways at first because of the cleverly way he conversed.

What self-respectable man would ask a woman he barely know for money. Well, finally, the penny dropped, and I blocked all contact with him. I was completely gutted because I really liked him.  Even now I find it incredibly hard to believe everything he had told me had been based on a lie. But I am mostly disappointed that such a noble looking man would stoop so low to compromise his integrity and self-respect. His need for a car superseded his need to be integral. For instant gratification he was prepared to defile his own reputation.

I believe the most scared thing we possess is our integrity and our most valued possession is our reputation. Surely, something is amiss with a person when their needs or desire, be it for safety, love, money, whatever it maybe, impels them into desperate measures to settle for unworthy lifestyle.

The experience got me thinking about the kind of people we choose to become. I believe how we perceive ourselves as a person has a direct influence on our conducts and the choices we make. This man clearly has a very low opinion of himself. He knows the value of a car but apparently,  he knows nothing about human emotions.

What a tragic waste of one’s life. The time and the energy he put into trying to con me – he could have used that effort to be honest and I could have found a way to help him. 

I thought about the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. The interesting part of their story for me is this statement, ‘…Even if our God do not save us, we will not bow…’. They refused to compromise their faith even in the face of death. It’s a sad life when our circumstance defines our character.

Courage is not absent of fear but in the face of fear.Integrity is not absent of anxiety but in the face of anxiety. Excellency is not an accident; excellency is orchestrated intentionally in the face of adversity.

We should not sacrifice our integrity and reputation for earthly possessions. In times of perturbation , it may seem easier to find a shortcut to freedom or success, but it’s really in these times that we should increase our level of integrity and courage so that we can remain defiant even in the face of hardship.

Compromising one’s integrity should not be an option. Everything we do in life must carry a seed for the greater purpose for ourselves and for others.

Thank you for reading.

AmaSerwaa xx.

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