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What pleases me most about getting older is that self-love has become a top priority and as a result I find I’m happier and a lot kinder to myself. 

I care so much about my well-being that I don’t entertain anything nor anyone that pose a threat to my serenity and internal peace.

I have learned that how I see myself will influence how other people will treat me. So I love and respect myself for other people to do the same.

After losing a dear friend to cancer just over a year ago, my own mortality is so in my face that I have ceased worrying about unimportant matters. I get that failure and disappointment are part and parcel of the journey of life. My focus is on the good news that no situation stays the same forever.

It is true wisdom comes with age I have learned life is seasonal just like the weather it must keep changing, and so must I. I am not a tree, if I don’t like where I’m standing I can always move.

It’s never too late to learn something new and so I am learning to be patient. This is one quality I’ve always struggled with. I have noticed people who practice patience tend to have a different kind of aura and calmness about them. It’s such an intangible quality and a powerful virtue and now I want it.

I have learned the only way to eliminate sadness and regret is to have the courage to live the life I want. Every dream can become a reality!

I have learned the state of my heart will determine the quality of my life, therefore I choose to do good every day, I may not always succeed but at least my intentions are good, and my heart is in the right place.

Be kind to yourself.

Thank you for reading.