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Trust Life And Live!

When you trust in Life, which is to say, when you believe, and accept that you are alive for a purpose, you would not be afraid of the challenges life brings. The fullness of your whole being is a gift of love, that is to say, you are loved and understood by the One who […]

Just Believe!

Just believe that all your prayers will be answered, even if it doesn’t seem that way.  Stay patient and trust God. Prepare yourself for the fulfilment of your heart desires. Keep your mind steadfast on the best possible outcomes, and just believe that blessings are flowing into your life. You will not miss out, what […]

Be Anxious For Nothing…

Overthinking affects how you feel about yourself and the decisions you make, it floods your mind with negative thoughts that throws you off track, and it prevents you from appreciating your efforts, especially when you know you have done your best in the matter; or even if you have not done your best, there are no […]

Rejoice And Be Glad…

The best you can do for yourself is to maintain a positive outlook on life, it will help you stop obsessing over things that are out of your control.  Having a good day is a daily decision, you must work on it every day. It is better to believe that everything is working together for […]

Trust The Process.

No matter what happened in the past year, no matter what is happening today, you can still create fulfilling moments for yourself. Feeling fulfilled comes from finding what makes you happy, what brings you joy. If you will allow it, nothing remains broken forever. The decision to rise above the hurt and pain is yours to […]

Welcome 2022!

I hope we all did something amazing and meaningful to celebrate the end 2021. Indeed, the last couple of years have been tough, and without a doubt we are hoping for a better and a peaceful year ahead, but before we embrace year 2022, it is necessary, we take the time to review the last […]

Merry Christmas To You All!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas. May the joy of Christmas fill your hearts and homes. I wish you all a festive season that is filled with happiness and all that is good and perfect. The good news is Jesus is still Lord. Merry Christmas Everyone. AmaSerwaa x

Do Things….

Do things that excites you! Make time for the things that gives you fulfilment and try new things to experience joy every day. It is important you do things that excites you to increase your positive emotions. Every now and then, venture out of your comfort zone and you will find inspiration in the most […]

Another Good Day!

We are here today because we have managed through every obstacle thus far, and hopefully, we are learning from every experience, for the necessary insight and wisdom it brings and as a result we are getting better at life. We must nurture helpful beliefs and godly thought patterns to overcome adversities and our fears, and […]

You Matter.

There is no dream too big!And there is no challenge that cannot be overcome!Value Yourself – Because You Matter!Don’t look to external sources for validation!Compare yourself to no one.Yes, you will make mistakes, that’s life, embrace your weaknesses, and learn from them.Pay attention to your surroundings, the world is changing and so are you, stay […]


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