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Trust Life And Live!

When you trust in Life, which is to say, when you believe, and accept that you are alive for a purpose, you would not be afraid of the challenges life brings.

The fullness of your whole being is a gift of love, that is to say, you are loved and understood by the One who created you. God’s love frees you to be genuinely appreciative of all that life has to offer. You must let in the truth that He loves you.

For as long as you are alive, you will face challenges. It is an intrinsic part of life, it’s as natural as breathing. If you resist it or push it aside, you may miss opportunities to fulfil your own purpose in life.

Trust that everything happens for your good, not against you. When you face your challenges with the knowledge that you are loved, you begin to realise your own strengths and abilities.

You are for signs and wonder. There is nothing you cannot withstand, so trust Life and live.

Good morning and God bless your day.

AmaSerwaa X

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