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Trust The Process.

No matter what happened in the past year, no matter what is happening today, you can still create fulfilling moments for yourself. Feeling fulfilled comes from finding what makes you happy, what brings you joy.

If you will allow it, nothing remains broken forever. The decision to rise above the hurt and pain is yours to make. Just think about all the challenges you have faced in your life; you have overcome them to get to where you are now.

Change is inevitable, nothing stays the same forever, so, allow yourself to grow by living in the present moment, appreciating where you are now, remembering life is a journey of moments, this is where the magic lies, do not lose sight of that.

There is no benefit in questioning “why” nor worrying about “how” just have faith and believe there is a divine plan at work for your life.

You are doing better then you think. Everything is working together for your good. All you need to do is to trust the process wholly, have patience, faith, and believe that things will fall into place in its time. 

There is so much to live for and appreciate.

God is forever faithful.

AmaSerwaa x

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