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Don’t Waste Time.

When I was young, life appeared to have endless days because there was always tomorrow to do what I did not do the day before, but as I got older and wiser, I realised that is not always the case; a day wasted is a life wasted.

We must not postpone the stuff we’re supposed to do today and keep thinking we have tomorrow to make our days better.

As we do not know what lies ahead, we must embrace the day and cherish every moment.

We must make the effort to appreciate every day and take every morning as a new life experience and live it as fully as possible.

Have a good day!

AmaSerwaa x

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  1. Wise words Janet! I am guilty of this – been constantly procrastinating, thinking I can do it tomorrow but little did I realize that I wasted a day of my life! Thank you for the reminder! x


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