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The Right Moments.

We can lose a great deal of time always looking for the right moment. The right moment to do this and that. Here is the thing we must embrace; each given day is the right moment. Whatever we wish to accomplish, we need to make time and create the moment for it.

While we cannot influence the flow of time, we still can get the most out of it to make each day count, the key is to know exactly what we want out of life. We can motivate ourselves to seek better opportunities and become more optimistic. It is all about knowing where we want to be, and what we need to do to achieve it.  We need to adopt a sense of duty and discipline to be the master of our time, it is the to only way to get more out of life, to stay energised, and do the things we most enjoy.

Certainly, life becomes easier when we do away with the negative thoughts about where we are in life. When we bin unrealistic goals, we are freer to live life to its fullest, fearlessly and be resistant to other people’s expectations.  It is important we retain our individuality and never make any kind of compromise to make someone else happy. It is good to give importance to others, but not to the detriment of our self-worth.

We add value to our life when we make how we treat ourselves a priority and when kindness to self and to others becomes a habit. We increase our self-esteem when we find a silver lining in every situation. Being content is in our own hands, no other person is accountable for our happiness and our wellbeing.

Each one of us have the potential and abilities to become the best. Nothing should discourage nor demotivate us to believe we are not enough. When we realize our worth, we can build the life we so desire, and it is never too late.

It is fair to say that many of us do know what we want out of life but our fears prevents us from venturing out into new territory. We are just too afraid to take the steps we need to achieve our dreams. We restrict our ability to evolve when we live in fear of failing. The fact of the matter is we will not always succeed. Stepping outside of one’s comfort zone can be terrifying. Certainly, there will be times when it will be better to play it safe than try something new.

But here is the thing, no one knows what is going to happen tomorrow and because nothing is guaranteed, we must make the most of each given day. The right moment is not something that just happens every day. But we can choose and create them. It takes a moment to transform anything in our life to a new experience.

So, today cease the moment and make it right!

Thank you for reading.

AmaSerwaa X

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