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Let’s Practice Gratitude.

A grateful heart allow us to focus on what we have achieved, not what we lack. The feeling of gratitude is an immensely powerful emotion. It should become a personality trait, a daily ritual to induce good health and spiritual wellness.

We are in the era where materialism is getting the better of a great many people. For some of us there is a never-ending battle between needs and wants.

The one certain way we can align ourselves with a peaceful life is to practice gratitude.  We should take a few minutes each day to appreciate all that we are grateful for in life by either writing it all down in a journal or saying it out loud like a prayer.

We simply need to find a way to appreciate whatever we have without always looking out for new things to acquire which can assumingly make us happy. It is not about minimizing our needs but rather it is about living in the moment long enough to focus on what is available to us, paying attention to what matter most and just being in a place of appreciation. It is true to say that many of us can survive with the absence of many material things we feel will bring happiness in our lives.

We start by noting everything that makes us happy, however small, and insignificant it may seem, like a cup of hot tea in the morning. Gratitude is acknowledging the goodness around and within us. Gratitude is taking pleasure in life experiences, such as taking a bath, eating a meal, taking deep breathes or sharing a conversation, these things are so common to us we tend not to notice them as they happen. The practice of gratitude improves every aspect of our being, and our ability to survive life’s adversities. Basically, we become better beings.

Gratitude should be our source of inspiration, particularly, in these times of pandemic, where life is on a go slow, paying attention to the simplest things will change our perspectives about our challenges. As we focus on what makes us happy, we will attract more of it into our life.

The miracles of life happen every day, but it takes a grateful heart to notice, absorb and appreciate them.

This is the time to cultivate a deeper joy to keep us motivated for every day.

Thank you for reading.

AmaSerwaa X

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