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Life Changes are Inevitable

We are not the same person we were a year ago, a month ago, or even a week ago. A change in age, a change in appearance, a change of brief, a change of position at work, among hundred other changes thrust upon us daily. Our lives are in a continuous process of changes. 

Life changes can be difficult but many a time it is for the best. Some changes are so subtly we would not even notice. Some changes are choices we must make. Some changes can be challenging, messy, and frightening. Not all changes yield positive results, but often it is the only way forward to improvement, a lead to something new, something better or a new beginning.

To accomplish anything of value in life require us to make significant changes. When faced with uninvited changes we can find million and one reasons for not embracing important life changes. even if we know it will be beneficial but for the fear of the unknown, we much rather remain in our comfort zone, even when it means doing the same things repeatedly.

To stifle the process of a change will mean a stifled personal growth and development. It is good to step outside of our comfort zone every now and then to discover how we are faring physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

We do not know what changes tomorrow will bring, but whatever it is let us seize every moment to embrace the change. When we are faced with difficult changes, we must learn to listen to our gut feelings and trust God for directions.

We all just need to understand that life happens, and change is inevitable. We have no control over life changes but how we deal with it is optional. So, whatever life brings let us make it positive.

Thank you for reading.

AmaSerwaa x

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