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We Need Joy

Now more than ever, we need to be kinder to ourselves. We need to find ways to bring more positivity to our days.

The truth is we must create our own joy. There is no magic door that leads to an instant joyful life. Particularly in these uncertain times we must create our own happiness.

We can take challenging times and use it as an opportunity to grow. In the mist of uncertainty, we can still find ways to become more creative and increase our self-confident for a purposeful living. We need to live life to the full and in the moment. We need to embrace each day willingly and face challenges with hope, faith, and love.

We must do what we enjoy and enjoy what we do. We can add so much value to our lives when we appreciate the simple pleasures of life, and when we allow ourselves some quiet time to focus on what we are truthfully grateful for, it can be the simplest of things like having a clean bed to sleep in.

Living in a gratitude mode will elevate our moods and make us happier. We become more mindful of the many simple pleasures of life that already exist in our lives and those that present themselves throughout the day and if we can take the time to really appreciate these moments, or things, we will realise that these simple pleasures are what bring us true joy.

We are in control of our own sense of joy and fulfilment. Looking for joy and fulfilment in challenging times, and letting go of anxiety does not mean we stop caring about what is happening around us, nor that we have buried our heads in the sand, it simply means we are allowing us space for life to carry on, and not suppress the good that is to come out of the pandemic! When we fuel our passion for life, we give our mindset a shift and our path become clearer and all fears subsides.

1 Samuel 30:6 – “But David strengthened himself in the LORD his God. And David was greatly distressed because the people spoke of stoning him”.

Crying is a cathartic release, so is laughter, both emotions bring renewal and growth. So trust God and embrace the journey, enjoy the ride, but please wear your seat belt because there will be many bumps on the road to make your own happiness.

Thank you for reading.

Love Always.

AmaSerwaa xx

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