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All Things Are Possible

I want to feel joyful no matter what life brings my way.

I have lived long enough to understand the importance of keeping equilibrium through life’s highs and lows.

Always I try my absolute best to live intentionally plucking joy in all situations.   

“All things are possible”  This is my number one affirmation phrase.

I found it so amazing how a simple phrase can give such a mental click to affect my decisions and response.

This phrase makes me feel brave and encouraged. I have never been afraid of change, and I pride myself on my flexibility. 

I keep this phrase at the forefront of my mind to guide my choices, my actions, and my reactions. It is a gentle reminder every morning when I arise, a silent voice to keep me on track for a productive day.   The feeling I wish to create with my phrase is one of faith and comfort, this is because I don’t want to be anxious for anything nor do I wish to become complacent and lose the desire to challenge myself. As I get older my wish is to embrace everyday with gratitude in my heart and so my focus is on what I have achieved so far.  

I count my blessings daily. I will not allow the fear of the unknown, namely tomorrow and the future, to impede my enjoyment and steal the present moments. I wish to achieve much, and I will not allow nerves or doubt to influence my choices, because there is something larger than me at work within that ensures me all things are possible.  

So now when I think about adventuring into something new and different my confidence just flows when I affirm, “All things are possible”

– Thank you for reading. 

AmaSerwaa x

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