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There is some value in doing nothing.

I have never considered myself as a lazy woman, but for the first two days of lock-down I was unproductive deliberately. The only thing I accomplished on those days was getting out of my bed to eat and to use the bathroom. I enjoyed myself and I felt rested.  

Whilst I really appreciate all the ideas and suggestions online and on social media to help keep us occupied, in order to make staying at home enjoyable as well as bearable, I reckon it’s necessary to allocate some time do nothing too. 

We should use the lock-down period to pursue what is right for our mental health and wellbeing. Sometimes doing nothing is what it takes to find balance and a new path. 

Keeping busy is no doubt a good practice, however, some of us feel the need to utilise every minute of every day. Keeping busy has become a status symbol, a virtue, to the point whereby if we find ourselves doing nothing, we feel guilty. We multitask and work ourselves to the ground and we pride ourselves on it. 

How mindful are we of our own mental, emotional, and spiritual demands?  Now is the time to slow down and make time to get centred. To think and get creative. To discover new ideas and re-discover old ones. 

This fixed pattern of staying at home can be a major barrier to inspiration and creativity. To avoid any negative self-fulfilling prophecy that will make us feel stuck and anxious, let us allow our minds some free time to unravel and the body a good rest.  

Doing nothing is an investment into one’s well-being, body, soul, and mind. An uncluttered mind and a rested body will help us feel more energetic, proactive, and positive. 

So, schedule some days to do absolutely nothing. I recommend it. 

Be kind to yourself. 

Thank you for reading. 

AmaSerwaa xx 

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