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I Made A Decision.

After many years of self-criticism and always seeking external validation, I made a decision to accept me, myself and I.

My aim is to work on myself internally so that I can glow externally. Self-kindness didn’t come easy to me. In fact, I find being negative about myself feels more comfortable, like there is glory in beating myself up over every little mistake. Oh! How my negative self-talk has really impeded my progress in life. 

Self-love like self-kindness is of paramount importance to one’s state of being. A fundamental requirement that needs patience, understanding and a great deal of compassion to nurtured. It took a conscious effort to recognise and note down the areas of my life, I reckon I’ve done well and doing well in. I give thanks for the choices and the progress I’ve made thus far that I’m proud of.  

I keep journal of my good deeds not to boost to anyone but to remind myself of how kind I can be. At the end of each day, I tell myself: “Well done gal! You’re still here! Tomorrow is another day, just enjoy the process of your failings and of your successes, they’re part of a well-balanced life”.

I take joy in the fact that I’m hopelessly optimistic I expect good things will happen to me every day, this is because the opposite doesn’t appeal to me. I acknowledged my debilitating weakness; I’m not self-disciplined. It’s not an incurable disease. I quit beating myself up about it when I accepted the fact that the habit is adopted. I will break this habit. I’m a work in progress!     

My strength is that I am resilient and I’m very proud of it; nothing keeps me down for long. The circumstance that stays the same forever, have a silver lining! And I believe every obstacle I face is ultimately for my highest good. My conviction comes from my faith. God’s plan is to prosper me and to give me a hope and a future. So, I rest assured in knowing I’m not alone on this journey. I accept I can’t control all my circumstances. My responsibility is to focus on the aspects of life that I can control, even in the mist of the disappointment and setbacks.

I’m not afraid of change. I’m always ready to let go and change what isn’t working. This way I can focus on what is working. I thrive more for a peace of mind and a healthy lifestyle, that’s my gift to yourself.

Nowadays I am my own cheerleader. I decide who I want to become and how I want to live my life. I will decide how well I’m doing. I want to be known for my loving, kindness and happy countenance. I want to be passionate and interesting. I’m also working on my sense of humour.

I’m doing my utmost best not to take everything so seriously nor do I want to allow other people’s bad behaviour to affect me personally. I rather use my energy to create a meaningful life that’s full of gratitude, love, fun and joy.

I want the best out of life, this is why I’m taking control of my thoughts about myself.

I want to remind you; how truly wonderful and fearful you are! Know yourself. Be yourself. Celebrate your essences!

Wherever you find yourself this day I want to remind you; You Matter!

Thank you for reading.

AmaSerwaa x

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